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Connecting Families to the Expanded Child Tax Credit: What We Learned

In the fall of 2021, the Coalition on Human Needs (CHN) and Partnership for America’s Children came together to launch a national Child Tax Credit (CTC) outreach project. We joined this project as Child Tax Credit Outreach Coordinators, bringing our prior experience in community organizing and outreach. We had spent years working with many of […]

Resources to Help You Navigate the Start of the 2023 Tax Season

The 2023 tax season officially begins today, January 23rd. Families in your network may be reaching out with questions about available tax credits, where they can get support filing their tax returns, key dates, and more. While the Child Tax Credit has reverted to its 2020 value, families with at least $2,500 in 2022 earned […]

Simplified Filing Through GetCTC.org Has Closed:  What You Can Do Now to Ensure Families Get the Expanded Child Tax Credit

November 15th marked the close of simplified filing through GetCTC.org. For months, community partners across the country have been conducting outreach to families about the 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) and how they could claim it on their own through GetCTC.org. Now that the website has closed, you may be wondering what’s next for […]

Frequently Asked Questions: How Families Can Know If They Received the 2021 Expanded Child Tax Credit

With IRS reminder letters going out to millions of people and under three weeks remaining for families to claim the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and third stimulus payment through GetCTC.org, many people may be asking: how do I know if I have received the 2021 CTC? Please read below […]

Good News About Child Tax Credit Outreach: How the IRS is Spreading the Word Among Families and How You Can Build on These Efforts

Check out this short video about IRS Letter 6550 and how families can claim the money for which they are eligible. Please share this widely with families and partner organizations! With one month until simplified filing through GetCTC.org closes on November 15th, the IRS announced that it will send letters to over 9 million individuals and […]

Three Reasons to Spread the Word About the Child Tax Credit Before November 15th and Three Ways You Can Do So Now

There are just seven weeks until simplified filing through GetCTC.org closes. This online portal allows families to easily claim the 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) on their own by November 15th. Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar on October 13th by registering here. If you miss the webinar, the recording will […]

What We Can Learn From Recent Reports About the Impact of the Expanded Child Tax Credit and the Ongoing Need for Outreach

With under two months until online filing through GetCTC.org closes, recently-released data and reports paint a clear picture: the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) reduced hardship among families with children, and outreach remains critically important to ensure that all eligible families get this money. You likely heard about the Census Bureau’s recent release of Current […]

How Community Partners Can Communicate to Families About IRS Tax Return Processing Delays

This blog post provides information on IRS tax return processing delays and includes suggested talking points for community partners who are receiving questions from families about delayed refunds. Read below to see the talking points. Many taxpayers who filed tax returns earlier this year are still waiting for the refunds they anticipate and need. In […]