There is Still Time to Claim

the Expanded Child Tax Credit

Families with no or low incomes have until November 15th to claim the CTC using the simplified filing portal,!

After that, families can still claim the 2021 CTC, but will need to file full tax returns. They have until April 15, 2025 to do so. To learn more about key outreach dates in the coming months, check out this blog.

Tax Day has passed, but families that didn’t file a tax return still can claim thousands of dollars from the expanded 2021 Child Tax Credit. Nearly all families with children are entitled to claim the credit.

Want to help? We have materials and videos that can help families claim the credit, and that schools, state agencies, and service providers can use to help families claim it.

Ready to start helping families in your program and community to claim the Child Tax Credit?

Here are some multilingual, ready-to-use resources to get you started:

  • Click here for ready-to-go and fully customizable flyers in multiple languages about the CTC and how to claim it (from the Coalition on Human Needs, Partnership for America’s Children, Code for America and findyourfunds).
  • Click here for downloadable posters in English and Spanish (from GMMB).
  • Click here for sample text, email and robo-call messages in multiple languages (from findyourfunds, Coalition on Human Needs, and Partnership for America’s Children).
  • Click here for mailers in multiple languages (from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities).
  • Short GetCTC demo video from Code for America in English (Spanish version coming soon).

Claim a unique link, or URL, to or  Fill out this form to get your unique URL from our partners at Code for America, or email them at:  

  • Please choose a short series of letters as your unique URL (for example, the abbreviation of your organization’s name). Unique URLs will look like this: “” or “”
  • This will enable you to track your outreach efforts just for your organization and see how you have made a difference.
  • You will then have access to a data dashboard where you can see how many people have signed up using your unique URL, when and how much money they have received. 

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Child Tax Credit Outreach Resource Toolkits

Want to explore other outreach materials? Check out our full resources toolkits, which include additional flyers, posters, FAQs, tax filing resources, sample social media, newsletter templates, customizable resources and much more. These multilingual resource toolkits are designed to make it easy for you to communicate with the families you work with how you know works best! The toolkits include materials we have created and materials from a number of partner organizations, including the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, GMMB, UnidosUS, Code for America, the Center for Taxpayer Rights and the Shah Family Foundation, among others.

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Need customized materials? Please reach out to Aline da Fonseca ( or Julia Beebe (, with the Coalition on Human Needs and Partnership for America’s Children.

Outreach Resource Toolkits

Expanded Child Tax Credit Outreach Resource Toolkit for National, State and Community Partners– This is our most comprehensive toolkit for partners across the country who are working hard to help families claim the CTC.

Expanded Child Tax Credit Outreach Resource Toolkit for Public Benefits Agencies– This toolkit is designed for state and local public benefits agencies who wish to communicate to their beneficiaries about the CTC. We know that this is among the most effective forms of CTC outreach.

Child Tax Credit (CTC) Outreach in Schools: Resources to Help Schools Connect Families to Thousands of Dollars– These resources are designed to support schools and school groups in helping students’ families claim the CTC. Like agency outreach, school outreach is among the most effective ways of getting families signed up for the CTC.

Expanded Child Tax Credit Resources for Families– This toolkit includes a shorter list of resources for sharing directly with families (the other toolkits have materials useful for service providers or community organizations).

Frequently Asked Questions
WHO can claim the credit?

The American Rescue Plan Act expanded the 2021 Child Tax Credit (CTC) to almost 90% of children in the U.S., including families with no earned income, who don’t usually file tax returns. That includes grandparents and parents with disabilities living on Social Security, and families that couldn’t find work and got by on unemployment benefits and other supports. Families that already got the advance payments in 2021 must file to get the second half of their credit in 2022; families that didn’t get the advance credit can get the entire credit by filing now.

WHY does it matter?

Families can receive $3,000 (kids 6 to 17) or $3,600 (under 6) per child.  The expansion was projected to reduce the number of children experiencing poverty by about 40% and is critical for Black and Latinx children, who disproportionately missed out on the CTC previously.  Families spent 2021 CTC advance payments on food and other basic needs, like housing and school expenses. Many studies have shown that additional income, like the expanded CTC, is associated with better outcomes for kids in families with low incomes, including stronger educational performance, improved health, reduced stress, and increased earnings as adults.

But these positive outcomes will only occur if families with the lowest incomes claim the credit. More than 4 million kids are at risk of missing out on the CTC, because their parents or guardians are not required to file taxes or because they face barriers to filing.

HOW can they claim it?

Families can still claim the full 2021 CTC (or the half they are still owed if they received advance payments) by filing tax returns this year.

Most families with no or low incomes can now claim the CTC using the recently re-launched simplified online filing portal,  This portal is easy to use and requires the family to put in very little information.

While the tax deadline passed, many families with no or low incomes never had a deadline, and families that were supposed to file and were owed a refund can continue to file without penalty. Families that owe taxes should also file now, since the penalty grows over time.

Some families with higher incomes may be better off filing a full tax return so they can also claim other credits. They can get help in filing a full return at Not sure which makes the most sense? will help you figure it out.

HOW can you help?

We know that partners like schools, service providers, and community organizations are best situated to serve as “trusted messengers.” You do not have to be tax experts to help families claim the 2021 CTC, and we hope that the resources below will make it easy for you to integrate CTC outreach into your existing programs and communications. With the ongoing pandemic, this assistance will be as critical as ever for families. Thank you for your work now- and always!

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Want to get involved? Have questions? Want support helping families you work with claim the CTC or tracking the impact of your outreach? Please reach out to Aline da Fonseca ( or Julia Beebe (, with the Coalition on Human Needs and Partnership for America’s Children.